Rosemarie Ferraro

Her work has been highly praised for its originality, evocative depth, and emotional range.

About these pieces, she says "My first collage was provoked by the damage of the 1966 floods in Florence. The images I saw of that devastation were heart-wrenching."

"One, the interior of a damaged church, called out to me. I cut it from the magazine page and assembled it, with other images, into my first collage. For a candle, missing from a tall golden candleholder, I substituted a ballerina, en pointe. The hands of a Blessed Mother had broken of, and lay on the floor. I covered them, tenderly, with a blanket snipped from an advertisement. I added other images as well."

"That exercise showed me that art can take someone beyond her own intentions. I've never forgotten that. It still can, and it still does, in the pieces I make today."